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DON'T PANIC: The "We're From Everett" blog as you know it is gone forever. Just wait until you hear that story. However, everything was backed up and I am working diligently to restore it. When it's ready I'll post the new link here. Just keep checking back every now and then.

This is all about us kids from every generation, and from every neighborhood, who grew up in Everett, Massachusetts. We focus on Everett because that was our hometown. I'm sure you'll feel right at home here no matter where you grew up if you're young enough to remember aluminum Christmas Trees, soda fountains at the corner drug store, and S & H Green Stamps.

We're building a legacy for our children's children so they will know their ancestors on a very personal level. They not only get to know who their great-grandparents were, but they also get to know our friends and acquaintances. And through first person accounts of our experiences, they get an honest perspective of what life was really like in our time.

Don't you wish you had the opportunity to know your ancestors to that extent? With that in mind, I cordially invite you now to take a trip back to a time when we all lived in people oriented communities where everyone knew each other, everyone talked to each other, and everyone cared about each other. And in so many ways, this visit to an age gone by could easily become a blueprint for the future.

Take a close look at this 3D replica of our desks and chairs from our elementary school days in Everett. Remember how the solid cast iron supports were bolted down onto those hardwood floors?

Check out the photos on top of the book. The one to the left is our old Everett High School. Just to the right of that is the old Everett Police Station up on Broadway. The photo covering the ink well is the long gone Horace Mann Elementary school. And just below that is the Parlin Library up in Everett Square.

Lying on the floor is an exact replica of the Parlin School Character from the early 1960's. I had to write that out so many times that I knew it by heart. It's funny how I can look back on all that now and smile. Never thought I'd see the day. Did you?

In the Navigation Panel you'll find the links to the other pages on this site. On the Everett Nostalgia Page we'll touch upon some of our heartfelt memories we shared growing up in Everett. On the Everett Picture Archives Page you'll find more than a hundred nostalgic photographs generously shared by many of your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances from Everett.

On the Media Page 1 Page you'll find nostalgic MP3 recordings reminiscent of our chooldhood days growing up in Everett. They include actual radio and TV sound bites from the 50's and 60's, as well as actual sound effects recorded in an around the greater Boston Area. On the Media 2 Page you'll find Windows Media Video files from classic television moments from when we were little kids. On the Media 3 Page you'll find fun things to download to help rekindle the golden days of our youth. And finally, you can find out who the heck I am on the Meet Your Host page.

Thanks for stopping by. Take whatever you want and share it with each other. That's what this is all about. It's all about us kids from every neighborhood, and from every generation, getting back together again to relive the best years of our lives.

And remember - TELL YOUR FRIENDS - We're here all the time!